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LeanTwo Golf Club Stand

Price: $14.99

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"Keep clubs CLEAN, DRY and SEEN as you approach the green"

We've all been there. Coming down the fairway to make an approach shot. You have your 7 iron, but you also need your pitching wedge and putter. The grass is wet, and your bag is back in the cart. You can lay the clubs on the ground, but that means more work for you between each shot.

What do you do? Use the LeanTwo!


  • Clean means less slip and club head movement when swinging. Get better control of your clubs and play more consistent with clean grips.


  • Dry clubs require less work. No more wiping clubs or placing towels on the ground to prevent them from getting wet.


  • Protect your equipment. Don't set your clubs on the ground; stand them up and keep them visible. Never again leave a club behind.