What happens when the fairways are wet and cart path only rules are in place?

In the past, you would have carried one or two extra golf clubs to your ball and set them down in the wet grass, placed them on a towel or something to keep them dry as you made your shot.

We’ve heard from golfers who have tried everything from a towel on the ground, to a well placed “retired” club, to setting the grips on long tees and hoping they don’t fall off. Others have told us they simply lay their golf clubs on the ground and then dry them off and clean them before each and every shot.

Why Work This Hard? Simply stick the shaft of the LeanTwo in the ground, lean your two or three extra golf clubs against it, and you’re ready to make your approach shot. No more dirty golf clubs. No more wet grips. The LeanTwo lets you think about what’s really important: Improving your score and Enjoying the game.

"I normally used a long tee to prop up the grip of the club to keep it off the grass"

- Jim C., on his old method of keeping his clubs dry

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Is the LeanTwo Durable?

The LeanTwo is made of Strong Carbon Steel so it will not bend under normal use. The LeanTwo is also designed to fit in your golf bag and will not damage your bag or your favorite golf clubs.

The durability of the LeanTwo is the result of an excellent shape and the right materials (Carbon Steel and a Powder Coat Epoxy Paint).

All these materials and the LeanTwo are manufactured in the United States to tight standards. The LeanTwo is a quality product and will provide years of service to golfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it weigh?

Less than one pound.

How big is it?

31-3/4 inches tall and the grip support is 4-1/2 inches long.

How many clubs can it hold up with ease?

2, 3 and even 4 clubs that are well placed.

How deep does it need to be pushed into the ground?

2 to 3 inches depending on wind and soil conditions.

Will it bend if pushed into dry dirt or firm sod?

No. The LeanTwo is made of strong carbon steel.

Will the LeanTwo poke a hole in my golf bag?

No. The end is blunt so it will not puncture the plastic bottom of your golf bag under normal use.

Is the LeanTwo waterproof?

Yes. The entire unit is painted.

Will the paint chip or scratch off easily?

No. It is bonded electrically to the metal using the same process used to paint automobiles.

Where can I buy a LeanTwo?

Contact us Here

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How do I become a LeanTwo distributor?

Fill out the retailer/distributor contact form and a representative from Clever Products, LLC will contact you.